Who came up with this part?
After changing numerous intake manifolds on SLs, we realized there had to be a better way to serve our customers with a problem created by Saturn. Mechanical engineering degrees, lab testing, hours of field testing (not to forget hundreds of can of redbull) we created a patent-pending solution to a common problem. Good was replacing the intake manifold, great is fixing the problem!
Is this safe? Has this been done before?
This CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) fabricated part has been tested for over one hundred thousand miles before it was even available for sale to the public. We have hundreds of reviews raving about the precision and fit, along with cost savings.
Does modifying my manifold make it weaker?
Absolutely not. All points have been addressed. As shown in this video, the “Z” bolt pattern is not broken up- therefore the integrity is not compromised. Also, a second bolt hole is uncovered in the process to securely fasten the part.
Can I just buy another manifold?
If you buy if from the used parts dealers, you will buy something that will crack in the same spot if it has not done so already. Remember- a hairline crack may not be visible to the naked eye, but can fail once the engine heats up. GM/Saturn dealers no longer manufacture this intake manifold so the few remaining on the shelves will be gone soon- along with the $350+ price tag.
Can my mechanic install this?
Anyone can install this after watching the two videos within a few hours saving lots of money. We have also provided a list of shops throughout the country that will do this for you!